Name Version Author Filename Size Issues Active    
John Deere 6R by AgrardesignGroup Tim2305, The_Bautz, ... 12.52 MB 14 Yes
Real Dirt Color ViperGTS96 0.05 MB 7 Yes
Hof Bergmann Farmer Andy 738.87 MB 2 Yes
Kalmar DRF450-60S5 alfredix 55.00 MB 1 Yes
Lemken Zirkon 10/300 STv-Modding 7.96 MB 1 Yes
Paus TSL 8.7 Creative Mesh and Wop... 50.47 MB 1 Yes
John Deere R Series Bonecrusher6 / LSMC 41.88 MB   Yes
Variable Size Pallets Crawler Modding feat.... 1.42 MB   Yes
Fendt 714-724 Vario S4 xylonius/Lukas2002/Da... 7.46 MB   Yes
Galvanized Slurry-Tank Set Giants edit by FBM D... 7.10 MB   Yes
Measure 1.1 kenny456 (FS19 conver... 0.05 MB   Yes
Favorit 500 Farmer Andy 6.22 MB   Yes
FENDT 800 Favorit 1.0 Smety, Jokertom, Spiky 48.26 MB   Yes
A.T.C. Container Handling Pack alfredix 9.32 MB   Yes
A.T.C. Container Pack alfredix 56.30 MB   Yes
A.T.C. Container Transportation Pack alfredix FS19_ATC_ContainerTransportation... 107.88 MB   Yes
AGCO Ideal Ahran Modding 23.27 MB   Yes
AgroMasz AT Vnsfdg2 12.14 MB   Yes
AltecM44SR NicoPix's 1.85 MB   Yes
Amazone T-Pack VertexDezign 5.09 MB   Yes
Autoload Pack 1.3 BD_Modding(Fallex-Gam... 22.19 MB   Yes
BD_Modding_Lightpack 2.0 Pascal 5.80 MB   Yes
Bale Counter Ifko[nator] - lsfarmi... 0.02 MB   Yes
Higher Baleprice 1.2 dominiczeth 0.06 MB   Yes
Magsi balefork Pack Lupohund/Led_Devin/jo... 0.42 MB   Yes
Krampe Bandit 800 Kyosho 7.64 MB   Yes
Benalu Optiliner Pack no.naim [LSMC] 17.87 MB   Yes
Biobeltz RC 180 Rotary Cutter t0xic0m 3.01 MB   Yes
CSZ Equipment Pack DD ModPassion 105.32 MB   Yes
Case Puma STv-Modding 20.41 MB   Yes
Def Pack Giants, sperrgebiet 2.21 MB   Yes
Diesel Mod Holger Sengstock 0.73 MB   Yes
Field Service Trailer GtX 5.67 MB   Yes
Fendt Farmer Vario 400 KontaxLS 50.55 MB   Yes
Fendt Vario 900 Tom Truthan/Lukas2002 11.74 MB   Yes
Fliegl Siloroller LsWelt 2.84 MB   Yes
Fliegl_silagegabel Grousbauer 6.75 MB   Yes
GlobalCompany LS-Modcompany / kevin... 0.57 MB   Yes
GlobalCompany Addon Icons LS-Modcompany / aPueh... 0.56 MB   Yes
GlobalCompany - BGA with Grimme BeetB... LS-Modcompany / Lunch... FS19_GlobalCompanyPlaceable_BGA_... 98.21 MB   Yes
GlobalCompany - Fermenting Silo LsModcompany / Kastor... FS19_GlobalCompanyPlaceable_Ferm... 11.49 MB   Yes
GlobalCompany - SeedMaker LS-Modcompany / kevin... FS19_GlobalCompanyPlaceable_Seed... 5.93 MB   Yes
HTZ-17221-21 RusAgroTeh 47.55 MB   Yes
Holmer TerraDos T4 40 Multifruit 1.0.0 DeQX / GIANTS FS19_Holmer_TerraDosT4_40_Multif... 15.47 MB   Yes
ITS-Lemken-Pack ITS 39.38 MB   Yes
Ifor Williams LM146 Euro Agri Modding 3.44 MB   Yes
John Deere 6920S AgrarDani 13.38 MB   Yes
John Deere 8000/8000 Ten Udruzenje nezavisnih ... 33.79 MB   Yes
Joskin Trans-SPACE 7000/27 Blacksheep Modding 6.46 MB   Yes
Kröger Overload DtP Mario 7.08 MB   Yes
Krone Cargo Bullgore, Sven, ... 18.76 MB   Yes
Light Control ViperGTS96 0.04 MB   Yes
Lime To Augerwagon TyKonKet 0.01 MB   Yes
MB Trac BM Modding, ... 22.93 MB   Yes
MB trac 800-900 Bremi456 32.17 MB   Yes
Skidder MF320 Blacksheep Modding 13.83 MB   Yes
Universal Tanktrailer FalPos 3.08 MB   Yes
Man TGS AgroTruck and Kroger HKD Pack Kasztan 14.56 MB   Yes
Mbp 9, FMSZ 2K Patyesz modding 20.89 MB   Yes
Mischfutterherstellung Farmer_Schubi 11.62 MB   Yes
AGCO NG 1100 STv-Modding 0.84 MB   Yes
Set Palox Juju-62 2.59 MB   Yes
Increased Fuel Consumption Realismus Modding FS19_RM_IncreasedFuelConsumption... 0.01 MB   Yes
Rovic Leers DLB19 Pack Steenkamp Modding 27.31 MB   Yes
Safety Weights Pack Smety 1.93 MB   Yes
Tajfun EGV 80 AHK 50keda 4.52 MB   Yes
tensionbelt Pack Dor_Schmied 24.15 MB   Yes
Timber Runner Wide With Autoload Wood kenny456, Marhu FS19_TimberRunnerWideAutoloadWoo... 7.60 MB   Yes
Towing Chain kenny456, Bullgore, ... 0.05 MB   Yes
Universal Passenger GtX 0.07 MB   Yes
Variable Bale Capacity sperrgebiet 0.03 MB   Yes
Variable Spray Usage monteur1, test_dj_Tobe 0.03 MB   Yes
LaMarchoise 1000Kg E.T.A La Marchoise 1.64 MB   Yes
Additional Field Info yumi 0.05 MB   Yes
BVT T-REX Agrartechnik Nordeifel 8.75 MB   Yes
Deck Chair For Sleeping Fendtfan79- LS Agrars... 0.09 MB   Yes
Demmler TSM 330L Agrartechnik Nordeifel 5.79 MB   Yes
Deutz Fahr Series 7 GIANTS Software 11.58 MB   Yes
Agco 1000 Series Ahran Modding 13.21 MB   Yes
Filltype (Goods) Mass Adjustment (Rea... modelleicher FS19_fillTypeMassAdjustmentReali... 0.02 MB   Yes
Finer Timescale Adjustment modelleicher (LS-Modc... 0.02 MB   Yes
Fliegl DPW 180 GIANTS Software 2.99 MB   Yes
Fliegl Rear deck Farmer_Andy 4.62 MB   Yes
Silagegabel Agrartechnik Nordeifel 3.93 MB   Yes
Frontloader Axle Lock Remover modelleicher (LS-Modc... 0.01 MB   Yes
Grimme SL8022 Quantum Autoload Farmer Andy/www.lsfar... FS19_grimmeSL8022_QuantumAutoloa... 1.77 MB   Yes
Guidance Steering Wopster 0.12 MB   Yes
Machinesheds ¨[DMI]20mmNormandy 15.45 MB   Yes
HOLMER Terra Variant DLC GIANTS Software 127.63 MB   Yes
Horsch Pack GIANTS Software 200.91 MB   Yes
Horsch Tiger 10LT GIANTS Software 5.75 MB   Yes
ITRunner 26.23 HD Pack Agrartechnik Nordeifel 40.55 MB   Yes
ITRunner Pack GIANTS Software 19.16 MB   Yes
John Deere Gator Pack Farmer Andy/www.lsfar... 22.24 MB   Yes
Koeckerling Rebell 410 Agrartechnik Nordeifel 9.27 MB   Yes
Kramer KL30.8T Special Edition Farmer_Andy/lsfarming... 0.08 MB   Yes
Less Engine Brakeforce Patar 0.01 MB   Yes
Lizard Universal Trailer Farmer_Andy/lsfarming... 7.66 MB   Yes
Lock steering axle Ifko[nator] 0.02 MB   Yes
LSFM - BigBag Pack Farmer_Andy/lsfarming... 4.56 MB   Yes
Portable Toolbox Farmer_Andy/lsfarming... 2.37 MB   Yes
MAN TGX 26.460 6x2-4 HKL Ahran Modding 13.66 MB   Yes
Manual Attach Wopster 0.04 MB   Yes
Metaltech PBD 8 Matt26 3.78 MB   Yes
Park Vehicle VertexDezign 0.02 MB   Yes
Rudolph DK280W Agrartechnik Nordeifel 16.88 MB   Yes
Weight SBG Matt26 0.68 MB   Yes
Slower Refueling Patar 0.01 MB   Yes
Crops And Machinery Storage [DMI]20mmNormandy 5.08 MB   Yes
Storage Silo Marcus 0.50 MB   Yes
EnhancedVehicle ZhooL 0.11 MB   Yes
VehicleInspector 1.47 ... HappyLooser 0.03 MB   Yes
CLAAS Pack (Platinum Expansion) GIANTS Software claasPack.dlc 1.09 GB   Yes  
John Deere 8R 2016-2018 EU Series JHHG Modding 16.36 MB   Yes
Transportpack Ifko[nator], ... 68.64 MB   Yes
Total 115 Mods       3.61 GB 26